Recycling Your Computer After Using It

Computers contain many toxic heavy metals, chemicals, and carcinogens that cause severe damage to the environment. If computers are thrown in the landfill, these toxic substances can leech into the ground and have a serious impact on the water and soil. When disposing of your computer, it is important to do so safely. One method that more people are participating in is computer recycling.

The following list outlines tips on recycling your computer after using it:

Donate Computer: Donating your computer to a computer refurbisher who then donates the computer to a charity or school is a great way to protect the environment while helping others. These refurbishers will wipe your computer clean of all your personal information before donating it. You can find computer refurbishers locally or online. As well, computer companies such as Dell have computer refurbish programs. There are also sites that tell you how to donate directly to a charity.

Take The Computer to an Electronics Recycler: Computer recyclers will strip your computer and make use of every part. They will also make sure the rest of the computer is safely disposed of.

Computer Trade-In Programs: Companies such as Gateway have programs where people can return old computers and get a discount on a new computer.

Return your Computer to the Manufacturer: Many computer manufacturers have instituted computer recycling programs. Dell offers a program that allows computer owners to send them their computer after choosing a $10 or $20 computer recycling kit.

Resell Your Computer: You can sell your computer using such methods as newspaper classified and auction sites like Ebay. You will not make much money because the value of computers depreciates quickly due to new technology constantly emerging.

Resell Computer Parts: There many computer owners looking to add additional parts to their computers. This can include: cords speakers, keyboards etc. Selling various parts can bring in a bit of extra cash. Make sure you have the proper information such as the name of the component, brand name, and serial number.

A Childrens Learning Tool: It seems that more young children are learning to use computers. Because children can often make mistakes that can cause computer malfunctions, learning on an old computer is a great way for children to learn because any damage incurred will not matter.

Add Upgrades Your Computer: If your computer is only a few years old, consider upgrading it with new components. This can include; a new monitor, bigger hard disk drive, more memoryetc. You could possibly get an extra year or two out of the computer.

No matter how you recycle your computer, it is important to wipe your hard drive clean of all personal and financial information before getting rid of it.

As technology continues to rapidly evolve, e-waste has become a growing concern all over the world. According to, electronic waste accounts for 70 percent of the overall toxic waste currently found in landfills. It is important that we all do our part to protect the environment. Recycling your computer is one way of contributing to the protection of the planet.


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